Friday, October 15, 2010

Just a Little Sinful

Wow, sorry about all the long-time-no-see business; school has been stressful! Senior year in biology isn't a walk in the park, although I do try to take some time to myself to paint my nails and do other girlie things like shopping!!! It's been a bit extra stressful because I haven't had a car to drive myself around in until yesterday. It had been out of commission since September 2nd, our second day of school. I finally got everything fixed up with it and now it's all back in working order, thankfully! Anyways, on with the nails!

These super-bright nails are from last month, brought to you by Sinful Colors and Walgreen's! I love the Sinful Colors nail polishes I've gotten so far, and hopefully I'll continue this affair with them forever. So good!

Here is Sinful Colors - Love Nails at two coats. I would've used three if I weren't planning on layering it with glitter, which has become my weakness. I almost can't stop myself from layering everything with glitter.

And now, topped with a coat of Sinful Colors - Frenzy.

So pretty! I hope you enjoyed these!

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