Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My First Blog Birthday! And My First Crackle Polish!

What about that? My blog's First Birthday was this past Saturday! I was having a blast at Carowinds that day so didn't get to post until now. I've been working on my med school application and have started a nice little serving job at a restaurant while still looking for another job applicable to my degree, so I've been pretty busy. I haven't painted my nails in what feels like FOREVER, but I still love to! For the past few days I had on a nice green foil from Petites called Utopia, and it was wonderful. At first when I got it, I thought it was a green glitter, but I don't think I have many foils so yay for me!!!

And recently I purchased my first crackle (OMG!) - Vintage Violet by Sally Hansen. I checked the brush while I was in the store and it seemed fine, but when I brought it home, it looked uber wonky, which I think contributed to making super thick coats when I put it on. With this being my first crackle, I guess I need to get a little more experience with it in getting an even, not so thick coat. I may end up returning it, but all the stores I've been to have been out of all the other colors except blue. I may just have to deal with the brush.

I'm pretty much loving this crackle, I just need to make it crackle a bit more, although I do like the gigantic cracks down the middle of my pinky and ring fingers. Yay for crackles from my perspective, even if some of you may be tired of them by now, I just got my hands on one! :D

I hope you enjoyed my first adventures into crackle polish! Happy Painting!


  1. Woohoo congrats on your first blogoversary! Keep it up and good luck with job applications :)


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