Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 1: Red

Hello all! Everything has been very busy recently, and I'm actually currently wearing my "Day 2" polish right now, because I hadn't gotten around to posting my red yet. So here it is! Del Sol - Heartbreaker. A very nice glittery red polish that turns a bit purple in the sun, though not as purple as that bottle would suggest.

This is three coats of Heartbreaker, a red jelly base with red glitter, that turns into a purple jelly with red glitter in the sun.

Please excuse the tipwear. I believe this was after about three days of wearing the polish, and after helping my mom pack and move a bunch of boxes into a storage unit. She's moving to Texas for a while to be with my grandmother.

Here's a good comparison of the color change in the sun. Very pretty!

And here is another sun comparison, although the ring/pinky fingers had been in the sun for a couple seconds, so they were a little darker than the normal red.

I really love my Del Sol polishes. They are so much fun to watch change color! Also a good indicator as to whether or not your windows in your car are UV-protectant. Hehe. (Mine change color a tiny bit in my car - for shame!) I hope you enjoyed this color as much as I did! As always, happy painting!

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