Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Polish Haul! And New Bottles for Sally Hansen Diamond Strength!

Look at these beauties I picked up recently from my local Walgreen's!

Polishes from the Wet n Wild Ice Baby collection:
Believe Me, It's Real
Cost Is No Issue
It's All In The Cut
Back Alley Deals

I was totally lusting for the Ice Baby collection, and I actually picked these up during two separate trips, getting BMIR and BAR on the first trip and CINI and IAITC on the second trip. You'll likely see Believe Me, It's Real as my blue polish for the challenge, so stay tuned!

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength:
Rosy Future
Save the Date
Black Diamond

Sinful Colors:
Forget Now

Walgreen's was having a sale on all of the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes, so I thought I would pick up a few because I didn't have any. I mean, look at this display! (cell phone pic)

The sale tickets said the polishes would be on sale until May 2012 - and I've heard about the new Sally Hansen Gem Crush collection not being limited edition, so maybe we'll see it in the full display sometime (I know they haven't shown up at my Wags yet, but they're being advertised on the Christmas trees).

But - after doing a little bit of research - I saw that Sally Hansen is likely just changing the Diamond Strength display to add new colors that come in... NEW BOTTLES! It's a cool change up for Diamond Strength. If you'd like to go check the new bottles out, Shake Up Your Makeup has a post and picture of the new display here.

Until next time - happy painting!

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  1. I read that you are a nail polish lover and a cat fanatic! I am too! We should follow each other! :D



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