Friday, December 9, 2011

New to Me Nail Blogs! [Volume 1]

I love looking at nail art and swatches just as much as any other lacquerista out there, and I certainly love finding new nail blogs to add to my Google Reader to drool over when I'm lounging around. :D

Here are a couple that I've found or been introduced to recently! (And added to my blogroll, of course!)

Manicure Addict - I've never seen another nail blogger so close to me! Katherine is just a skip, hop, and a jump away from me over in Greenville! She did some awesome Boo nails from Super Mario here for her 31 Day Challenge.
Art Evolve - Ashesela's sister did some awesome TARDIS nail art here. I am a huge fan of Doctor Who, so I automatically get googly-eyed whenever I see some Doctor-related nail art. Fun!
Pretty Digits - I don't think I've ever seen Fair Isle patterns used for nail art before, but Anna pulled it off amazingly here!
Polish Chest - Danny is studying biology (Another bio polish junkie like me? Who knew!) and philosophy over in Germany! What fun! Her first stamping experience is posted over here!
The Lacquer Factor - She has a bunch of great OPI manis, and she did a cute mani here with flakies over OPI - Meep-Meep-Meep!

These ladies have great skills - and I'm going to bet a lot of patience - to do these great designs! Now I'm just dying to do some nail art inspired by some of my favorite things - video games, the Doctor, maybe even some penguins for the holiday season! Penguins are the BEST! :D

If you have a nail blog or other cosmetics blog that's not over on my blogroll, or one that you just want to share with me, leave a link in the comments! I love getting new reading material! (Even though I'm a little short on time to read them nowadays, I always love looking!)


  1. I just recently posted a NOTW and guest nail look from one of my blogger friends actually!

    I loved all of these blogs. Thanks for posting! <3

  2. Thanks!!! I like sharing reading material as well.

  3. Super Mario? I adore him. Have grown up playing the video game back when there were no playstations:D


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