Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nail Mail! December Julep Maven Box

I got my first Julep Maven box back in December when they were doing their "box for a penny" promotion. I got the Bombshell Style and I got lovely colors! On to the nail mail!

Cute holiday packaging!

Included in my December Bombshell box was Julep - Gayle, Julep - Catherine, Julep's Glycolic Hand Scrub, and a pot of blue and purple glitter! Those girls were right on when they sent that glitter in my favorite color! I am excited to try the glycolic hand scrub because my hands have been pretty rough recently. As for the polish - I think it's cool that they pick the polish out for you (although you can switch styles for the month if you like a different box better). I normally get very showy polishes and gravitate towards everything glitter and shimmer. These are lovely cremes, so I can't wait to try them out. (I may end up throwing some glitter on top though - hopefully I can hold off for the first day to get used to wearing cremes.)

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