Thursday, January 12, 2012

Guest Post: The Power of Nail Polish By Jackie Clark

I have my very first guest post today, on a subject that is very meaningful to me. Jackie does outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, and she's intent on spreading the idea that women should feel beautiful no matter the circumstances, even during treatment for cancer.

While I don't personally know anyone who has had mesothelioma, my family and I have dealt with my brother's childhood leukemia, which he is in remission from today, losing my grandfather to lung cancer, and my aunt's struggle to beat breast cancer.

I have even had a little breast cancer scare myself, only to find out that I had a benign mass. All the while I was dealing with it, I felt despair, like nothing could make it better. Reading Jackie's message now, I wish I had realized the good that a little beauty therapy could have done for me.

The Power of Nail Polish
By: Jackie Clark

Nail polish can change the course of a woman's life. A manicured hand is a sign of someone who adores herself and never settles for less than anything amazing. A beautiful woman is confident. She is strong. She is able to face any challenge. With a manicure, a woman's hands can go from lacking to lovely. There is more in a manicure than just nail polish, though. It is the bond that forms when one woman holds the hand of her friend and says, "let me make you feel pretty."

A woman's true beauty lies in the strength of her spirit. It grows and flourishes within the bonds of friendship. A woman's physical appearance is as ever changing as are her life circumstances. A girl becomes a woman and her body changes. A woman becomes a mother and her body alters again. A young lady grows into her maturity like a fine wine - the longer she has to age, the more opportunity she has to become exceptional. One's beauty has little to do with what life has given to her; instead it is formed by what she gives to life. When friendships are formed, there is an opportunity to give and share the blessing of life. All women desire to feel beautiful, and they deserve to experience it regardless of their physical condition.
A cancer prognosis is traumatic. Though a woman's beauty is not dictated by her outward appearance, it is hard for a woman to feel attractive while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation to treat a cancer such as mesothelioma. Cancer does not have to win. The healing bonds of friendship and support can provide the confidence and strength needed to overcome. Leaning on friendships in times of adversity can bring out the best in the relationship. Something as small as painting one another's nails can give a therapeutic release empowering her will to fight. A feeling of elegance can arise from being pampered, and make a discouraging plight seem a little less severe. Life and beauty exist in the small moments, and so why not make the most of each one? 
When a woman feels beautiful, she is empowered to do things that felt impossible before. She can stand up to her diagnosis and stare it in the face. She can say to it, "You make take my health and my looks for a time, but you cannot take my spirit. That is what makes me beautiful."

To anyone dealing with cancer, know that you can still feel like yourself - a strong, beautiful individual - no matter what you are facing. Keep strong and don't give up!

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  1. Nice guest post!
    I really believe that every women should feel beautiful :)
    Thanks for this :)


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