Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nail Mail! January Julep Maven Box

Hello lovelies! I'm finally showing my January Julep Maven box (in February - eek!). I've been quite busy lately because I just got a job in the Color Lab at Capsugel where I'll be testing and formulating colors for their capsules. Kind of appropriate for a nail color junkie like me, eh? I am super excited about this job, but I haven't had a lot of time to post recently because my last week at Outback is overlapping with my first week here, so I've got a couple more long days until next Monday. 

But back to the Julep! Unfortunately, my postal carrier doesn't understand that boxes that barely fit in the back side of our apartment mail boxes WILL NOT come out of the front of the mailbox because the front is smaller. 

WARNING: The images you are about to view contain violent damage to my Julep box!

Now please note, the damage you see was not caused by Julep or by my postal carrier, but rather by my roommate Andrew, who took it upon himself to prove his strength by saving my box from being trapped in the mailbox for so long. I need to put a note in the box to have our carrier deliver items of this size to the door, because Andrew just pulled out my February Julep Maven box in the same fashion yesterday, although it does have significantly less damage. None of my polishes or other items were damaged, but I would hate to see Will's or Andrew's computer parts be stuck in the mail box or get damaged when they are pulled out because they're in a box too large to fit through the front. 


Cute packaging! Everything arrived undamaged aside from the box.

I selected the It Girl box for January, which included Megan, Hayden, and Leah, along with a nail polish remover pad. I also received Demi because they offered one free for the first 5,000 subscribers.

Does this picture make anyone else think of primary colors? (Aside form the green, of course!) 

I'm really excited about Leah; a green shimmer like that seems fun! Demi should be a nice red for me, and Megan looks pretty as well. I'm just wondering if I'll be able to pull off a color like Hayden. We'll see!

I'm looking forward to trying the nail polish remover pad on a glitter mani to see if it stands the real test!

Until next time, happy polishing!

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