Saturday, May 12, 2012

MINI Mani!

Last week was something both Will and I were looking forward to for a while - MINIs on the Dragon, or MOTD. It is a HUGE event where tons of MINI owners gather for the camaraderie and the thrill of the ride on the Dragon, an eleven mile stretch of mountain road with 318 curves. Will is extremely proud and fond of his MINI, as most MINI owners are, and getting to be a part of the event was a great way for me to experience a bit of the MINI culture that he loves. It was my first year going and Will's fourth. I actually made him miss it last year because I was graduating during last year's MOTD! Shame on me! ;)

With this year's being the 10th anniversary, it was the biggest one yet, with 700+ MINIs and 1100+ drivers and riders registered to come. The event is hosted at Fontana Village, NC and it was absolutely PACKED with MINIs! Packed, packed, packed! I was loving seeing all the designs and different colors of the cars, although I didn't take enough pictures while in Fontana. But here's an idea of what it looked like for every day of the four day event. There's even a classic MINI towards the right - see if you can spot it!

I've been up to Fontana before with Will, so I know how curvy the roads are and how it upsets my stomach when he's driving on them. I came prepared this time with some dramamine and used it for the first two days before I started enjoying the ride more than I was getting sick of it. I did get used to it, and loved motoring with my man. :) Along with the runs on the Dragon, there was plenty of activity at Fontana - a wine tasting, beer swap, Bingo, vendor tents, runs to different restaurants in the area - basically a lot of fun.

We packed up Wednesday morning to head out, and I knew I wanted to do a mani for the event, but unfortunately we were a bit rushed and I didn't pack any polishes! We ended up stopping at a Kerr Drug store in Bryson City so I could grab a few. :) I ended up with Wet n Wild - Ebony Hates Chris, LA Colors - Wired, and NYC - Tribeca Silver because I was trying to emulate the colors of Will's car, Siva (pronounced She-va).

For my left hand I had two coats of Ebony Hates Chris and Tribeca Silver that I used an orange stick to apply for the text and MINI logo. Ebony Hates Chris is a solid black cream and Tribeca Silver is a densely-packed silver foil in a clear base.

And here's one of my dragon earrings that I got from miniskirts - a group for lady MINI drivers only. :)

And for Siva, I've got three coats of both Wired and Tribeca Silver. Wired is a vibrant blue shimmer that's actually a little bit darker than Siva's Laser Blue color.

Here's Siva parked at our cabin in the woods - enjoying the weather that was so beautiful for every day we were there! I had a great time at MOTD and am really looking forward to going back next year! It was so much fun!


  1. What an awesome event and the perfect mani for that! :D So cute!

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