Friday, July 6, 2012

New Stuff for Starlight Radiance

Hello all!

A couple of updates for Starlight Radiance in general... I am trying to expand my reach on social networking sites and have started integrating blog posts into my Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as my new Google+ page and Bloglovin' feed.


Twitter - username SarahStarlight7



Pinterest - I mostly save manis from other blogs for inspiration here. :D

Wibiya toolbar at the bottom! I found this over on the Piece of Pie blog! It's a neat little gadget!

Blog Sales from the nail world and Wish List pages are up top! Hopefully I'll have a stash list up soon too!

Now, I do have a question for you bloggers out there. Is there any easy program to use to link up my blog so that it will simultaneously post to my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.? Help is appreciated!


  1. Awesome! Just started following you on twitter and pinterest :)
    Hmm..I don't know if there's a way to link your blog to do that. If you find out I would love to know! That would be so much easier to do that...

    1. Yeah, I know I can at least use the toolbar at the bottom to remind me to post on all of those sites, it's just that it won't let me post from my page on Fb or G+ - sends it right to my personal profile. Ah, well. I'll let you know if I find something!


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