Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In Stores: Rite Aid Nail Polish Displays (Warning - Very Picture Heavy)

I think this was my first time stopping in this Rite Aid in Greenwood, and I'm really glad I did! Look at all the displays! I don't think I've seen more than 6 displays in one drug store before, but this one had a ton! I hadn't seen Color Club or Ma.nish.ma in stores before, so I'm glad I just happened to stop at this one! (It just happens to be on an intersection with a Walgreens AND a CVS. Talk about competition.)

LA Girl Fruity

LA Girl Disco Brites

Scented Nail Color

Color Phase

Wet n Wild Bejeweled
I'm going to have to stop by again soon to grab one or two of these;
this was actually the first time I'd seen this display in person.

Sally Hansen Limited Edition Insta Dri

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Avril Lavigne Collection

Magnetique magnetic polishes

Ma.nish.ma Electric Brights (Sorry about the blurriness.)

Revlon core display
Do you see what I see? Hint: It is a very sought-after polish that will feature in my next mani post.

Essie Mirror Metallics

Essie Bikini So Teeny

Color Club Take Wing

Color Club Blossoming

Revlon Scented Treats

Revlon French Mix

Wet n Wild cracklecraze Neon Crackle

Wet n Wild Chrome

Ma.nish.ma. Glow-In-The-Dark

Soooo, have you seen these while shopping around? It's the first time in a while I that I got to look at all the pretties! I hope you enjoyed the display spam!


  1. The Electric Brights by Ha Mish Na are awesome!

  2. Wow I need this rite aid all I have is a cvs and there might be two displays and theyre normally empty and never get restocked

  3. Definitely need a Rite Aid here! I went to CVS after work today and they don't have any of those displays except for the Essie Summer 2012 collection and it was wiped out. May need to stop in at Walgreens!!

  4. I absolutely love posts like this one. It makes me want a vacation overseas, LOL!

  5. So are some awesome displays! I really need a Rite Aid where I live!!!!!

  6. I love seeing nail polish displays!! Awesome post :D


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