Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Penguin Makeup Challenge - Black and White

Hey lacqueristas! Today's post is something a little different from the regular nail polish posts I do. PENGUINS! I saw this challenge on Glitter Obsession called the Penguin Makeup Challenge that sounded fun.

What I discovered from the very first post is that I have really crappy lighting conditions for photographing makeup. That or I really need to play with my camera settings, but as far as I played tonight, I didn't really get anything better than this. The bathroom lighting just makes all of my pictures have a reddish hue to them and using flash washes everything out. Bah.

I altered the pictures below so they would at least look decent. (I don't alter my nail pictures aside from cropping them.)

Makeup used for this look:
Jordana - Perfect Team black and white shadows
Wet n Wild - Spoiled Brat black shadow
Markwins - unnamed cream shadow (came in a large makeup pack, only labeled Markwins on back)
Kiss Luxury Eye Liner - Classic Black
Kiss i-ENVY mascara - Very Black

I was inspired for this look by the Illamasqua SOPHIE-I technique that they have on their site.

This is definitely not something I would wear for going out all the time unless I got used to the really dramatic eye looks. Because I wear glasses, I generally just swipe a single color on my lids and use mascara and eye liner for any makeup I'm doing. But this was definitely fun to do - as you may know from some of my older posts, I took a theater makeup class while I was in college and really enjoyed it. This was a nice little throwback for me doing something really dramatic.

Also, my eyebrows look crazy. They're one of the things I wish that I could change most about my face. I'm just not that good at shaping them myself. :/

I hope you enjoyed this little experiment in makeup!

And here are the other ladies' makeup looks for today!


  1. Oh, I really like this! I keep meaning to give the Sophie look a serious run-through so I can try it myself, but I keep forgetting ._. Your take is gorgeous!

    1. Yeah, I'd been wanting to try it out for a while, and this was the perfect chance. Although I just glanced at it on my computer and then went to go put the makeup on without looking at it again. I wasn't going for a straight copy anyways, though.

  2. Wow this is really gorgeous! I love the dramatic look about it :) And I know what you mean about eyebrows, I can never get them to look even :))

    1. Yeah, I once heard someone say that your eyebrows are more like sisters than twins, which is definitely true for mine. They both grow their own way, and I can just try to keep them looking as similar as possible, but you can't change everything about them!

  3. Love this look and the sharp crease. I have issues with my eyebrows too!


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